Goldwell Kerasilk Medium 1 Keratin Shape 1.7 Oz. / 50 mL

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New customizable Kerasilk Keratin smoothing treatment by Goldwell. Formaldehyde-free glycolic acid-based treatment part 1 Shape Intense. 

Can't be used on its own, must be mixed with part 2 Smooth (medium or intense) prior application. Designed for a professional use only!

Kerasilk Keratin Treatment is a serum designed for problematic hair, unmanageable, tangled, curled and exceptionally unruly. The product is expected to provide long-lasting up to five months smoothness, softness, and strengthening. 

Shape Intense is designed for curl reduction in curly hair. If you don't want any change in shape of your hair you should choose the Shape Medium (not the Shape Intense) component.


How to use:

  1. Start by shampooing hair with deep Cleansing shampoo. 
  2. Then, using your hands or a paddle brush, dry hair up to 80 percent.
  3. Next, mix up your formulas depending on your client’s hair type and desired outcome, using an equal ratio of shape to smooth. 

Suggested amount: 

Short hair - Shape component 20mL./0.7 Oz., Smooth component 20mL./0.7 Oz.

Medium length hair - Shape component 30mL./1.1 Oz., Smooth component 30mL./1.1 Oz.

Long hair - Shape component 40mL./1.4 Oz., Smooth component 40mL./1.4 Oz.

One bottle should be sufficient for one treatment on any hair length (two treatments for short or fine medium length hair). 

  1. Use a brush and start applying the product at the nape, making sure your sections are less than a 1/4 inch.
  2. Then, use a brush and dry the hair 100 percent. Continue your process by flat-ironing the hair. Make sure your iron is at least 350 degrees.

Pro Tip: When the hair is treated with a high temperature, a color shift may occur. A test section may be performed at the nape. If needed, reduce the temperature of the iron accordingly. Do not go below 350 degrees °F / 180 degrees °C. See breakdown below:

Hair type / max iron temperature:

Resistant & Normal - 450F

Colored - 200F

High-lift Color - 350F 

  1. Next, wash hair with gentle sulfate-free shampoo and towel dry. 

7. Finish the smoothing service by applying the Kerasilk Control Finishing Cream Serum and blow-dry.