Agave Bio Ionic Bio Retex Neutralizer#2 12 Oz.

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Get it super-straight, create a little wave, or just eliminate the frizz! You choose with the original, industry first thermal straightening system. The power of IonTransformation® is fully realized with Bio Ionic ReTeX system that permanently retexturizes the hair. ReTex empowers the stylist to control the level of texture leaving as little or as much wave in the hair as desired. ReTex permanently transforms the hair from curly, frizzy, and unruly in to looking super-shiny and sleek, feeling smooth, hydrated and conditioned. ReTex is truly a revolutionary tool to permanently improve the manageability of hair. Ask for the ReTex transformation! Due to the amazing properties of natural Negative Ions, Bio Ionic straightening system arguably leaves the hair in better condition than it was prior to the service! It is free of sodium hydroxide and guanidine hydroxide.

For professional used only.