Biodroga Special Care Firming Lip Treatment 8 mL.

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This one-of-a-kind intensive lip care creates a smooth, supple lip area with a natural glow. It is formulated with a complex containing valuable ingredients such as paracress extract. The “plant-based botox” relaxes the expressive muscles around the lips to reduce the appearance of accordion wrinkles. To further counteract the signs of aging, refreshing citrus extract stimulates blood flow while vitamin E supports skin cell renewal. As for moisture there is nothing better than hyaluronic acid and D-Panthenol. The former prevents dehydration and boosts volume making the lips appear fuller. The latter conditions and re-hydrates stressed, demanding, dry lips. Its anti-inflammatory properties also help soothe itchiness and mild irritations. As a result, the outer barrier becomes strengthened offering protection against environmental influences. Last but not least, integrated shimmer pigments add an attractive shine to the lips as a final touch making them truly red carpet .


Apply generously or as needed to the lips in mornings and evenings.

Key Ingredients:

Paracress Extract, Vitamin E, D-Panthenol, Hyaluronic Acid.

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